Friday, January 05, 2007


I don't know how to put up any questions that I get, so I will have to look at them, then answer in a post.

Connie asked if I was going to look into the teachings of the Catholic Church with my husband.
Well, I was raised in the Catholic Church and I left after starting to read a Bible my Grandmother had, and in my reading, as I was reading the Ten Commandments, of course I read where it said we should have no other gods before us, that we should not worship any other gods, other than the One True God. I read that, and realized that the Catholic Church was doing the exact opposite of Scripture said, so therefore I left. I have been to a few funerals that were held in Catholic Church's,mainly because I had no choice. They were for my Parent's and an Aunt, all Catholic. As I have stated on Candy's blog and my own, my husband and I now go to the Episcopal Church which, if you have been watching, now has a woman as Presiding Bishop, who by the way is O.K. with gay marriage and ordaining gays into the ministry.

I would like to go to the Anglican Church, which does not believe in any of that! The Anglicans do believe in the King James Bible, and do not agree with gay marriage or ordaining gays into the ministry. And as far as I know, do not worship Mary or the saints like the Catholics. I may have to check into that one!


Donna said...

Would you be the same "Rose" that worked with my mom "Linda" at Aquila? Your story is just so similar, I thought I would ask! Blessings to you!

Rose said...

No, I'm not. I have never worked at Aquila.