Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Links on sidebar

I have added 2 more new Gadgets to my sidebar: A modest Dress site, and a Political site.

More Woes!

Ok, so now I can't stand very long before my legs start to bother me to the point where I have to sit down again. I know you all don't want to read about all this, I'm just venting my frustrations, that's all.

I am trying Candy's roasted chicken for dinner tonight, and boy is my crockpot full! I don't think I'm going to have room for the Green Beans.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Major Discomfort

My back is really starting to hurt to the point that I can't sit in the car for more than an hour at a time, which means by the time I take my step-son's girlfriend to work and get back home, I am hurting pretty good. I had to call my Doctor this morning and ask what I could take for the pain, since my husband and I have to go to Arkansas this weekend for his sister's wedding on Saturday. We have a 4 hour drive down there, and then we come home on Sunday. We are going down on Friday.

I am way behind on my Bible reading because of the discomfort in my back, I just can't concentrate on my reading.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Follow up with Doctor

My follow-up with the doctor was this aftenoon, and apparently I have a mildly collapsed disc in my back, so he drew more blood to check my vitamin D and my calcium. I go back in 2 weeks, and we will do a Bone Density test. Hey, I am 48 years old, it is probably about time for one, considering that I did break an arm 3 years ago.
I did go to the Chiropractor this morning, and thought about going back on Friday. I guess I won't be doing that.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The other Laptop works!

Well, the 17 inch laptop is now working, so it is now mine, but I may share it with my son. So now I am in the process of putting everything on this computer.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My laptop is up and running, and yes we installed anti-virus software this time. Hubby is working on the other laptop, it should be finished tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Grandbaby number 4 is here!! She arrived this morning. Papa called about 6:30P.M. to let us know. She was 7lbs. 1 oz. and was 18 inches long.
I called the Doctor's office this afternoon to check on my Potassium level, and they told me that it was fine.(4.6) My husband told me that is a little high. But, I have started eating banana's again and drinking orange juice with my medicine like I am supposed to do. So now I'm thinking I need a good adjustment done, I haven't had one in a while, and I think I may be out of alignment. That will have to wait until Friday when hubby gets paid.

I'm a little behind on my Bible reading, I was so tired last night, that I went to bed at 9:30. I was asleep when hubby came to bed.

Not much has been going on today. My husband and youngest step-son went to help middle step-son put on an alternator belt on his car,(he was stuck at his mom's).

I have been having trouble with the laptops because neither of them had any kind of virus protection on them, so hubby is totally re-doing one of them for me, and the other one won't even boot up. So, where-ever I have been going on the Internet, it has given both laptops a virus of some kind, but since we can't pinpoint from where, he has to re-do the whole thing. He'll finish this one computer tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm on his desktop.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Afternoon at the Doctor's Office

Allow me to start at the beginning, about a week ago, the calf of my right leg started hurting. I didn't think much of it, until the back of my left leg started to hurt late last week. Then today the pain in my right leg felt like it was moving up. So I decided to go get it checked out, thinking that I may have a blood clot. So, I called this morning, and they had me come in this afternoon for a blood draw. It came back positive for something in my leg, so I went downstairs to have a doppler done on both legs. The Lady doing the test did NOT see any clots anywhere, although she did say that if one was just starting to form, that she would not be able to see it anyway.

After that, I went back upstairs to see the Doctor so we could figure out what is going on. He asked me about the doppler, and what was said, so I told him. I told him how my leg was hurting, as if the muscles have tightened up and don't want to relax. So then I asked him about my potassium level, and if that should be checked, so back to the lab I went for another blood draw to check on my potassium.

I go back to see the doctor next week for those results! From start to finish, I was there a total of 4 hours! Not at all fun!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just Thoughts!

Well, Ike blew through here last night, and it has quit raining. but we now have a cold front that has come in, so it is only like in the 60's right now, and will be that way for the rest of the day. I have had some of the windows open for a couple of days now, and my husband wants to close them because he is cold(he's always cold anymore!) I love having the windows open! Fresh air! With all the cats we have right now, it really helps having the windows open, if you know what I mean!

Another Sunday has come, and hubby and I did not get up in time to go to church. This makes the 3rd or 4th Sunday in a row. Personally, it doesn't bother me like it should, I think because deep down, I really don't want to go there. And I don't like driving 1/2 hour just to get there. As many of you may have read, we go to an Anglican church (Catholic light), and I guess I am just a Baptist at heart. I would rather sing the good old Gospel Hymns and hear a good old fashioned preaching service.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Last night's weather

We are all fine after last night's weather. There were no tornadoes where we live, but there was one in Kansas, ironically, it was near the town I used to live in when I was still married to my ex-husband. In fact the tornado touched down very close to the plant where he used to work. I have not heard of any damage. I haven't turned on the TV this morning. I probably won't at all today, although my son probably will if he gets bored. My husband and I just don't care for the television that much anymore. We may watch a movie once in a while, as we do have a subscription to Netflix, and we have several movies that we own ourselves. My son on the other hand likes to watch some programs in the evening, and unfortunatly, I will sit and watch with him.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We have had some really bad weather tonight. Very heavy rains, tornadoes, flash flooding, it's been really nasty.

I also read the book of Obadiah this afternoon. And I have started on 2 Kings!

Reading my Bible

I did something today that I have never done before, I finished reading the book of I Kings in the Bible. I know, I am terrible about reading my Bible everyday like I should, but I have been, and finally read that book all the way through. Now on to 2Kings!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane IKE/Tomato Plant/Praise Report

Ike is headed this way! He is hitting Texas today, then turning north and headed for us. Of course we only get the rain, not the winds. This is the third huuricane that we have gooten rains from this year, Gustave and Hannah both got us, and now IKE, which should be here this weekend.

I planted a tomato plant in late June just before we left for vacation and has it gone nuts. I have already gotten about 8 ripe tomatoes off of it, and were they good, and there are 12 to 14 new tomatoes on it right now! I do hope they have a chance to grow and ripen up.

Now for the praise report: My son has quit smoking!! Yeah! First, he quit cigarettes, then started smoking cigars, then quit those about 2 weeks ago. And he has finally quit the coughing. I asked him last night if he was feeling better now and he said yeah. I am so thrilled and very proud of him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It has rained so much this summer and been sooo cool, that everyone here is wondering how our winter is going to be. Last winter we had a lot of snow, by a lot I mean it snowed every other day, and it was cold for about 8 months, seriously! It started getting cold in October and did not get really warm until late May or early June. All this rain is getting really tiresome!!


I know it's been awhile, sorry. There just hasn't been alot going on. The kittens are now 3 months old. I tried taking them to a shelter yesterday, because we just cannot afford to keep them, and we are over our pet limit with all of them still here. We are limited to 4 pets per household, we now have 6. Anyway, you have to have an appointment to drop off, and they charge a drop off fee, which is totally ridiculous. The charge $30.00 for the mother and $50.00 a piece for the kittens, and they have a waiting list. I wouldn't be able to get the kittens in until next month. Get real!! I guess I will just have to give them away.

In other news, as I mentioned in my last blog, my step-daughter and her family moved out, well, they left a big mess in their bedroom and refused to come over and clean it up, so my son and my stepson's girlfriend cleaned it up themselves. It took them 2 hours and 10 industrial strength trash bags. Anyway, I took them over to their house and put them on their patio, the problem with that was, the only time I had to do it was at 9:00 at night. She claims I woke the baby up, I doubt that very much because of where their room is in relation to where the patio is. Anyway, she calls me screaming and yelling, and tells me we can't see the children anymore. The next day she called the house phone yelling at her dad and told him the same thing, needless to say he has not seen the kids since then. I will see them walking down the street when I am out driving. In fact the last time I saw them was last week, they were walking home from the store,"Pinky" was in the stroller wearing a jacket because it was kind of cool, but she had NO SOCKS OR SHOES ON. Sometimes I think those two kids would be better off living with us.