Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane IKE/Tomato Plant/Praise Report

Ike is headed this way! He is hitting Texas today, then turning north and headed for us. Of course we only get the rain, not the winds. This is the third huuricane that we have gooten rains from this year, Gustave and Hannah both got us, and now IKE, which should be here this weekend.

I planted a tomato plant in late June just before we left for vacation and has it gone nuts. I have already gotten about 8 ripe tomatoes off of it, and were they good, and there are 12 to 14 new tomatoes on it right now! I do hope they have a chance to grow and ripen up.

Now for the praise report: My son has quit smoking!! Yeah! First, he quit cigarettes, then started smoking cigars, then quit those about 2 weeks ago. And he has finally quit the coughing. I asked him last night if he was feeling better now and he said yeah. I am so thrilled and very proud of him.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the hurricanes have been getting your plants. I live in MS and we too have had a lot of rain. It looks as if we will get a good bit from this one too. I thank God it was nothing like Katrina we were without lights and water for 2 weeks.