Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know it's been awhile, sorry. There just hasn't been alot going on. The kittens are now 3 months old. I tried taking them to a shelter yesterday, because we just cannot afford to keep them, and we are over our pet limit with all of them still here. We are limited to 4 pets per household, we now have 6. Anyway, you have to have an appointment to drop off, and they charge a drop off fee, which is totally ridiculous. The charge $30.00 for the mother and $50.00 a piece for the kittens, and they have a waiting list. I wouldn't be able to get the kittens in until next month. Get real!! I guess I will just have to give them away.

In other news, as I mentioned in my last blog, my step-daughter and her family moved out, well, they left a big mess in their bedroom and refused to come over and clean it up, so my son and my stepson's girlfriend cleaned it up themselves. It took them 2 hours and 10 industrial strength trash bags. Anyway, I took them over to their house and put them on their patio, the problem with that was, the only time I had to do it was at 9:00 at night. She claims I woke the baby up, I doubt that very much because of where their room is in relation to where the patio is. Anyway, she calls me screaming and yelling, and tells me we can't see the children anymore. The next day she called the house phone yelling at her dad and told him the same thing, needless to say he has not seen the kids since then. I will see them walking down the street when I am out driving. In fact the last time I saw them was last week, they were walking home from the store,"Pinky" was in the stroller wearing a jacket because it was kind of cool, but she had NO SOCKS OR SHOES ON. Sometimes I think those two kids would be better off living with us.

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