Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Update on house

Most of the house is done, there is still a little bit of wiring left to do, and a little plumbing left, but for the most part it went pretty well.

We now have 8 people living in our house, and only 2 people are working full time jobs, and no body is giving us any money to help out at all. Hubby has half decided it is time for some to go,namely my step-daughter and her family, as those two are not working at all, well, she can't work right now, as she is pregnant with no.2 and is due in March. Of course it will just kill me to have the granddaughter out of the house, she is so much fun to have around. In fact one night, she was so cute, I had taken my son to work, then realized that my husband was on call that night, so I could not go pick him up from work. Well, I called my daughter, who worked at the same place at the time, to see if she and her boyfriend could bring her brother home, anyway, the baby is listening to us, so she grabs my keys, my billfold, and me, and we start heading for the front door. It was as if she was telling me, " Come on Grandma, let's go get Uncle Stevie". I had to tell her Grandpa had the car, (he had just gotten called back into work.) Babies are just so cute.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bad Wiring, Bad

The wiring in our house is very bad, as I have said in a previous post. Well, this morning I blew the fuse, yes, we still have fuses in our house. Anyway, I blow the fuse because the air conditioner was on full blast, and I tried to turn on the dryer so I could dry the baby's diapers. As soon as I pushed the button to start the dryer, everything went out! So I called the guy that is in charge of re-doing our house and he called the electrician, who came over and did what he could for now, but we do not have air-conditioning right now, so we are having to do with just fans. Oh, the joys of original wiring.

They had thought about waiting to do anything until a week from this coming Monday. I think the electrician has decided we can't wait that long. He told me he is surprised we still have a house.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Not much going on today. My sweet hubby stayed home again today to recuperate from yesterday, so he and I just got back from Lowe's where we bought another Purple Persian Lilac and a couple containers of moss roses to plant around our deck in back.

Baby girl has been trying to cut her upper teeth for the last couple of weeks, so she is real cranky!

Nothing much else going on. I might start dinner pretty soon, We're having a salad with fruit, YUMMMMM!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes, I know it has been over a month since I've blogged anything,SORRY!!
We had a wonderful time on our vacation, up to a point, which I will get to in a minute. It was raining the day we left, and rained the whole time we were traveling( hubby was riding the motorcycle)! Still raining when we got to Arkansas, we put up our tents in between rain drops. It rained for 4 days after we got down there, at least the temperatures were nice, not to hot. We did have good weather going to the Lake of the Ozarks, and good weather while we were there.

In the meantime, while we were at the lake, we were robbed, again! They took of with our brand new TV and some DVD's. Still left our Lord of the Rings set, and our Harry Potter movies! Go figure!

So, now that we are home, we are starting work on our house on the things that need to done. First up, putting a deck on the back. It is gorgeous! The front part of our front porch has been redone, and it looks real nice, also! Next up, the WIRING, which is horrible. Actually, it's original to the house, so my house is basically a matchstick just waiting to be lit. I think they are going to wait until this heat wave is over with, at least I hope so. Because once they get started, I will not have electricity during the day while they work on it. I now have a 10 month old baby living here, can't go without electricity.

Yes, you read that right. My youngest step-daughter and her husband and baby have moved in for a while. It is actually nice having the baby here. She is starting to walk by herself now. She has been holding onto mine or mom's finger(she still does most of the time) but she is getting better about walking on her own. If any of you read Candy's blog, you know her baby girl will be 1 this month. My granddaughter is exactly one month younger than Candy's baby girl. So she will be 1 next month on the 30th.

On another note, I would like prayer for my husband who has osteo-arthritis in his neck and cervical spine. He stayed home from work today because of it. It started bothering him last night, and got to hurting so bad it made him sick to his stomach. He has not felt well all day, and now has a heating pad on his neck.

Monday, June 25, 2007


A lot has been going on since I last blogged. We had to re-finance the house so that we could fix it up and get things up to code, like our plumbing, and our wiring,( which is a fire waiting to happen!!) So, we are here for the next 30 years, which I really did not want to do, but with my youngest step-daughter living so close with the grandbaby, and they are up here everyday, we thought it best to stay put. Besides, the baby's mom has decided to homeschool her when it comes time, but I suspect that I will be the one doing the homeschooling, as mom is ADHD, and has a reading disability.

As for other news, we are getting ready to go on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and I still have a lot to do, although I have gotten a lot done it seems like. I hadn't been to the Dentist in like 12 years, so I went and over a period of 2 weeks time I have gotten ALL of my dental work done, including a root canal retreatment. I finished up today with a cleaning! Tomorrow, I take the car and get it serviced so that it will be good for the vacation. And, I have had to get hearing aids, so I am still getting used to those!
And, bright and early Saturday morning we leave for Arkansas for 1 week, and then to the Missouri side of the Lake of the Ozarks for the 2nd week. I'll try to write about it when we get back.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I'M FAT!!!

I had to go today to buy a new pair of jeans so I could go riding on the motorcycle tomorrow, and I had to get a size 20! NEVER in my life have I been this heavy,NEVER!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Church Update!

Well, the Anglican church in our neighborhood wasn't working out for us. The priest that we liked died the day after we went there, and the other priest would not go on any other Sunday than what he was supposed to, so on Easter Sunday, that church was only going to have morning prayer, that was it! My husband did not like that idea, so we didn't go to church at all for quite a while, then the day after my nephew's wedding,( which was on St.Patrick's Day) we went to a Catholic Church that I had been to before, and still have friends that go there. Well, as you all know, I did not want to go back to the Catholic Church, and we AREN'T!! We finally decided to go to an Anglican Church that is over on the Kansas side and we really enjoy it.

In fact this morning we went to a membership class, and we will be doing a 10 week course called Alpha that starts on the 24th. This church still has the 1979 Prayer Book, but teaches scripture, which as you all know by now the Episcopal church has gotten away from.

My husband just refused to go back to the Baptist church, he wants a liturgical church, and this was the best compromise, we get preaching from the word of God, and we get communion every week.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We have found a Church!

As those of you who read this blog know, my husband and I have been going to the Episcopal Cathedral here in K.C. for 5 years now, yet with the changes the denomination is making we have not been happy there, as we are conservative and they are very Liberal. Anyway, we went to an Anglican church this past Sunday and really enjoyed it. It is a small church with no more than 20 people attending, if that. Right now they have 2 supply priests that take turns doing the services every other Sunday. The one that was there this Sunday is very nice, and would really like to be called as their full time Pastor, as he has plans for not only the church, but the Parish as well, and my husband and I both feel that we could be of more use to them than the Cathedral.

We do however, have an obligation to fulfill at the Cathedral this Sunday, and we will do that so as not to leave them in a lurch, but then we will turn in our resignations and leave.

Friday, January 05, 2007


I don't know how to put up any questions that I get, so I will have to look at them, then answer in a post.

Connie asked if I was going to look into the teachings of the Catholic Church with my husband.
Well, I was raised in the Catholic Church and I left after starting to read a Bible my Grandmother had, and in my reading, as I was reading the Ten Commandments, of course I read where it said we should have no other gods before us, that we should not worship any other gods, other than the One True God. I read that, and realized that the Catholic Church was doing the exact opposite of Scripture said, so therefore I left. I have been to a few funerals that were held in Catholic Church's,mainly because I had no choice. They were for my Parent's and an Aunt, all Catholic. As I have stated on Candy's blog and my own, my husband and I now go to the Episcopal Church which, if you have been watching, now has a woman as Presiding Bishop, who by the way is O.K. with gay marriage and ordaining gays into the ministry.

I would like to go to the Anglican Church, which does not believe in any of that! The Anglicans do believe in the King James Bible, and do not agree with gay marriage or ordaining gays into the ministry. And as far as I know, do not worship Mary or the saints like the Catholics. I may have to check into that one!