Saturday, April 14, 2007

Church Update!

Well, the Anglican church in our neighborhood wasn't working out for us. The priest that we liked died the day after we went there, and the other priest would not go on any other Sunday than what he was supposed to, so on Easter Sunday, that church was only going to have morning prayer, that was it! My husband did not like that idea, so we didn't go to church at all for quite a while, then the day after my nephew's wedding,( which was on St.Patrick's Day) we went to a Catholic Church that I had been to before, and still have friends that go there. Well, as you all know, I did not want to go back to the Catholic Church, and we AREN'T!! We finally decided to go to an Anglican Church that is over on the Kansas side and we really enjoy it.

In fact this morning we went to a membership class, and we will be doing a 10 week course called Alpha that starts on the 24th. This church still has the 1979 Prayer Book, but teaches scripture, which as you all know by now the Episcopal church has gotten away from.

My husband just refused to go back to the Baptist church, he wants a liturgical church, and this was the best compromise, we get preaching from the word of God, and we get communion every week.

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