Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Sister

Boy, did I have a fun day yesterday. NOT! My younger sister had surgery on her neck yesterday to clear some bone spurs that were bothering her, and they also did some fusion work on C5 and C6 in her spinal column. She did very good during surgery, and then in recovery! They got her back to her room, and she did fine for a little while. I was talking to her, then noticed that she wasn't moving her right arm, so I asked to move it for me, and she did not do so well with that. She was also looking for button to push to give herself some pain medication. I don't think she got the meds, because then I noticed that she was just not responding to anything that was going on. I called to her a couple of times, then I started pushing the nurse button. The nurse came in and asked what was going on, and I said I don't know for sure, she is not responding to anything at all. So then the nurse started in saying her name and trying to get some kind of response out of her, nothing. So the nurse got on the phone and called for critical care nurse to come up immediatly, which she did, and we are all trying to get her to respond to anything, NOTHING! She didn't even respond to a finger prick. I do believe that she had a TIA ( mini stroke), because I also noticed a facial droop for about 10 minutes. The gist of it was she had gone into a coma, but they transfered her down to ICU while I went to pick my husband up from work, and I guess almost as soon as they got her down there, she snapped out of it. She still doesn't remember much of anything,even from last night, but she is doing much better today.

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