Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I grew up going to a combination of Public and Catholic schools. I graduated from High School 31 years ago, never went to college of any kind, and now I want to go back. I did not like High School that much,(I thought it was boring) and I don't really care for the public schools these days, but I want to take a college class in History. I am 48 years old and thinking about going back to school, what is wrong with me? Nothing, I just want to go, see what it's like, and take a class in something that I am interested in. Early American History!


Joe said...

So go! I'm actually having fun with my class this semester. It's a way different feeling than high school was. Classes are expensive, but look into auditing the classes you want if you don't care about a degree. (If you don't know, auditing is taking a class but not for credit.) Auditing might be cheaper. I've never looked into it.

Rose said...

Thanks for the advice about auditing, I may look into that. My husband also gets a catalog from Great Courses, and we were looking at that also because that would be real cheap.