Saturday, July 25, 2009


We had an alright vacation this year, hubby's mom and sister are well. We got to see the twins for the first time, they are so cute. We did come home after the Arkansas trip as hubby was not doing well in the heat. So the week we were home, we did some work on the house.

Hubby went back to work on Tuesday of this week, and I have gone back to my routine of playing taxi-cab driver for everybody and their brother it seems like.

My van has a bad oil leak somewhere that needs to be fixed, so when I took it into Walmart yesterday to get an oil change done on it, they wouldn't do it. They said the leak was to bad. So I have to get that fixed this week.

And, my sinuses are acting up, so I don't feel real great right now.

Not much else going on.


Kelly said...

Hello Rose!

I saw your comment on Keeping the Home, and wanted to invite you to my blog to learn more about Catholicism.

It is difficult to be a different faith from your husband, and I will remember to keep your family in my prayers!

Kelly said...

Oops, forgot the link!

God bless! :)

Rose said...

If you care to look around my blog some, you will find that somewhere that I explain I was raised in the Catholic church and left due to the fact that I no longer with their teachings. Therefore, I do not wish to rejoin.

Kelly said...

Ah yes, I believe "ex-Catholic" is a large enough group to outnumber quite a few denominations. :)

Unfortunately, the past several decades Catholic education has not been very good. Many people have been raised Catholic, even attended Catholic schools, and not learned anything about the Biblical basis of Catholic theology.

Myself, I was at a point in my life in college where I was ready to leave the church. I sat down with a copy of the Catechism in one hand, and a Bible in the other, and read through them both. I've read anti-Catholic authors, and Catholic apologists who write opposing articles. At the end, I came back to the truth which is found in the Catholic Church.

I did read the few entries which touched on your Catholic background. You specifically mentioned the Ten Commandments, and there are a few articles on that at my blog.

You are welcome to stop by at any time for a good, friendly discussion. Otherwise, I won't outstay my welcome. :)