Thursday, May 06, 2010


Many of you may have read that I grew up in the Catholic church, and that I left said church when I married my first husband.  You may have also read that my husband now joined the Catholic church last year at the Easter Vigil, and that I have been going to church with him because of having only 1 vehicle, and my NOT being able to go anywhere else.

Well, lately, I have been feeling a TUG ( not a pull) to go back to the Catholic church. Partly because I love the Liturgy ( I always did)!  And there are some of things I do agree with the Church on. For example; Abortion, Homosexual relations, the Right to Life ( even for the Elderly), etc.  BUT, there are things I just can not agree with, and will NOT agree with, for example;  The Marian DogmaWhere do they come up with that stuff?  There is NO Scriptural basis for any of it.(At least not that I know of)!  And, Hubby is sort of pressuring me to go back.  I just don't know what to do!


The Brown Recluse said...

What a tough dilemma. The first thing I would suggest doing is some heart to heart time with God.
If it were me, I would very gently point out the Biblical reasons why I would be opposed to going back, and ask for his opinion on what the Bible says or doesn't say about those points.
All I really know is that God can work this out for you.

true blessings said...

Hello.this is tough like 1st commenter.I do not know any other way to say this,but if you already know the truth,and had already walked away from a false religion ,then why would you want to go back. Pray that God will reveal His will for you and your husband.