Monday, November 10, 2008


I am still here, just not spending a lot of time on the computer anymore. I check my e-mail, the blogs I like, the news, and maybe I'll play a couple of games on Pogo, but that's about it anymore. I've been reading alot lately. I just finished a series of books by Beverly Lewis called the Courtship of Nellie Fisher. It's set in Amish country. That was a good series. Now, i'm ready to start a couple of books by Lamplighter called Ishmael and Self-Raised. Ishmael is first, then Self-Raised.

I have several books by Lamplighter Publishing that I really have enjoyed. I am a member of the PickWick book club that they have, which means I get a new Rare Collector's book when it comes out, and all I pay is the cost of the book, NO S/H. That is a good deal. Hopefully, I should be getting a couple from the book club soon. Also, for every 5th book, you get a certificate for a FREE book worth up to $26.00. For that you have to pay shipping. That is not bad at all!

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