Sunday, February 08, 2009


My youngest daugter has lost another baby, she did manage to carry this one the farthest, but it died a couple of days ago. Her boyfriend took her in to the hospital where they did a sonogram and looked for over an hour trying to find a heartbeat and never found one. They gave her some shots of something, she will go back on Tuesday and get 3 more shots of the same medicine I guess, and then they will do a D&C, after she starts bleeding. I finally told her that she just need to get her tubes tied, as she will never be able to carry a baby to term. This makes like her 7th miscarriage.


Amanda #1 said...

How can you be anti-abortion, but pro-birth control?

Rose said...


I'm not really pro birth control, either, but in the case of my daughter, I think it best because she will NEVER be able to carry a child full term. Her uterus will not let a baby grow like it should, that is why this one died. In this case, it makes no sense foe her to even get pregnant anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry for your daughter's loss. She obviously really wants a child to have tried so many times only to suffer another loss. I will say though that my sister in law had 8 miscarriages and then two live births. her daughter was only 4lbs at birth-full term. She gained weight quickly after she was born-but something kept her from gaining weight in utero. They were never able to tell her why her pg were like this. Something about her uterus restricted growth of her babies though. It could also be a reoccuring gentetic abnormality that causes the losses. If they don't test the fetus after the loss they would never know if that is the problem or not. Just something to think about. again, I am just very sorry your daughter is going through this terrible thing.