Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I have not worn a dress in almost 2 weeks. Please don't judge to harshly, but, I seem to get more housework done when I'm wearing pants, whether it be jeans or sweat pants, it doesn't matter what type of pants I wear, I just seem to get more done. Maybe I'm wired differently than other people (haha)!

Speaking of dresses, why is it that some women think they can wear just anything to church. I mean really, when you go to church, you should at least DRESS DECENTLY! I get so tired of seeing women in jeans or mini skirts and showing skin. It is just DISGUSTING that these people have no RESPECT for the LORD or for his house. In fact, in this Sunday's bulletin the Pastor said that very thing. It was so nice to see that in the bulletin. Granted, it was directed towards the people who help serve; such as: the readers, the Eucharistic Ministers, you know, people like that, but I think it should apply to everyone going to church!

Now, on to Christmas. What is it with people, it is not even Thanksgiving yet, and I am hearing Christmas music already, and of course seeing all the decorations out. Of course all of the retailers are concerned with getting the almighty dollar and making their profits, but still it bugs me that the American people seem to have forgotten all about the First true American Holiday, THANKSGIVING!

OK, I think I'm done now, I just had to vent a little.

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