Friday, February 22, 2008


Everyone is finally over being sick!! Yeah!!!

My son started school on Monday, and is enjoying it so far. He is going to Vatterott College here in K.C. for computer technology, I think.

We had some pretty nasty weather come in night before last and into yesterday, and I had to go out in it, that was not fun at all. I had to take my car into the dealership to have my ABS fixed, and they also found that my two front tie-rods needed to be replaced. So all that got done.

My water pipes in my kitchen are frozen, so right now I have no water in my kitchen sink and cannot do any dishes until they thaw out.

I forgot that I was supposed to go pay our vehicle insurance today, and I let my husband take the car to work. Oh well, maybe we can do that tomorrow.

I wish I knew how to jazz up this blog, you know different background, how to do the sidebars, that sort of thing. Can anyone help me with that?

Oh, I forgot, Hubby found out night before last, that his daughter in Omaha is expecting a baby. She figures that she is due in September. We are thrilled and shocked, as her husband had been told that he could not have children.

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