Friday, February 22, 2008

Modest Dress

I have been reading a lot posts by women who dress modestly:e.g., skirts, dresses, NO PANTS. That sort of thing. I like what they are saying, and why they do it. I too have felt the Lord convicting me to dress more modestly lately, and right now I am wearing a wrap skirt that I bought last year from Vermont Country Store. It does not cover as well as I would like for it to, but it will do for now. I have ordered a wrap skirt from a Jewish site called, I am just waiting for it to come so I can try it and see how well it will fit.

I did have 1 pair of jeans that I was wearing quite often, but I got them caught on a nail and they pulled in the back, so they don't look very nice now, so I will not wear them and I refuse to buy anymore, mostly because they so expensive now, and I just can't find any that fit right anymore. I am fluctuating anywhere from size 16 to 20. The afore mentioned jeans were a size 20, and since I have lost about 10 pounds they are just a bit big. And, since my Doctor kindly informed me that I was to short for my weight, I need to lose about another 40 pounds. I am 5'5" and should only weigh about 125 to 130, I am at 187. NOT GOOD!! I am trying. I chase after the granddaughter.

Anyway, what I am tying to say, is that I like dressing modestly. It is a lot more comfortable!

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